My dream

At one point in my life I dreamt of becoming a pin up photographer. Lol Living out west and taking photos of beautiful women. I guess thats a typical guy dream. It was either be a pin up photographer or a travel photographer. Ah well. I feel that I have to be more practical now in my choice of occupation.

I’ve played around long enough in my life I guess. I have wasted so much on road trips across the country etc. I still own my Nikon lenses, however I don’t own a camera body. The camera body I would want is $3,500 new. I simply don’t have the funds to afford that. So I will go without a camera for a while. Currently, I don’t have any ambition to take any photos anymore right now. Maybe one day again, I will take new photos. Not sure.

If I did start taking new photos, I would most likely concentrate on city scapes of Chicago. I am not as fearless as I once was to venture into sketchy areas of the city with my expensive camera equipment. I am older, and have grown a bit fearful of things. Also the city, I feel has become less safe. It seems like violent events are on the rise, even in the immediate downtown area. I suppose I will keep this website and my other website online. I think until I get back to new photos, I will concentrate on writing down my thoughts on this site.