I don’t own a camera anymore

I ended up switching from Canon hardware to Nikon. Then, I sold my Nikon body and now I only have 5 lenses. I honestly don’t feel like taking anymore photos. First off, there is nothing in my area interesting to take photos of. I could go to downtown Chicago. However I fear getting robbed. Chicago’s downtown is not the safest anymore. It would not help if a semi distracted person is walking around with expensive camera equipment.

When I last took photos, it was more in the country. I routinely drove West to Utica, Illinois and wandered around the country roads. Looking for old barns to photograph. However this was a waste of gas. Also it was time consuming with the only pay back for me was keeping my busy.

I have only sold one photograph in my life. It was for $100. I also believe that fine photography is too common now a days. With the new technology, just about anyone and a monkey can take a nice photograph. So I feel that the art of photography is common and cheapened.

One of the things that made me happy was my creative outlet. However, I have no ambition to create anymore photographs. I will most likely leave my photo websites up for my own amusement. Maybe I will write more on my photo websites.