I quit a good paying job

Last August I was working at an “estimator” for a bathroom item company. It was nice to work from home, but the work was highly technical. I could not get my head around the technical details. The boss was a very nice man, so was my co-worker. However, I could not get my brain around

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My dream

At one point in my life I dreamt of becoming a pin up photographer. Lol Living out west and taking photos of beautiful women. I guess thats a typical guy dream. It was either be a pin up photographer or a travel photographer. Ah well. I feel that I have to be more practical now

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I don’t own a camera anymore

I ended up switching from Canon hardware to Nikon. Then, I sold my Nikon body and now I only have 5 lenses. I honestly don’t feel like taking anymore photos. First off, there is nothing in my area interesting to take photos of. I could go to downtown Chicago. However I fear getting robbed. Chicago’s

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No one cares

Ah well. This site has been up for maybe a decade. In various formats. No one really cares about my photos. I do however. This is why I keep my photo sites up. I guess with the introduction of FaceBook and other social media platforms, regular, personal photo blogs etc… get over looked. I have

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Top 10 photo opportunities in Chicago

1. CLOUD GATE Millennium Park The iconic Cloud Gate sculpture in Millennium Park is a sight to see but also great for photo opportunities. The highly reflective hammered metal that covers the sculpture mirrors the images of Chicago’s cityscape and sky. Even though this sight is frequently photographed, groups can capture unique images, as not

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