I quit a good paying job

Last August I was working at an “estimator” for a bathroom item company. It was nice to work from home, but the work was highly technical. I could not get my head around the technical details. The boss was a very nice man, so was my co-worker. However, I could not get my brain around the work. I felt bad that I was not performing well at the job. I was getting paid $45,000 annually. Not bad. However, I felt guilty that I was getting paid and I could not perform.

So, the boss spoke with me. I decided to simply resign. I was frustrated, they were frustrated with me. I remained polite, and expressed my gratitude to them. I suppose now I am unemployed. I am 47, and unemployed. I feel pretty low right now. I will try and get back into the creative field. I am not sure where I will fit however.

Video may be a little too much for me. I was thinking an entry-level or junior level graphic designer. The sad thing is that I do know how to use Adobe programs, but over the years I lost many of my portfolio pieces. So I will try and get into a graphic design job with no portfolio. Can this be achieved? I sure hope that I can find something.

I gave up my aspirations to become a photographer. I feel that technology is so good, that anyone can be a good photographer. I think sadly, that fine photography is a dieing art. To be successful in photography, you have to be extremely talented. Or know the right people. I feel my photo skills are good, but I have no business network. I simply don’t know anyone. Also my networking skills are horrible. I normally keep to myself, and that does not help matters.

I worked at Amazon for 7 months in 2018. I will never work there again. It was simply slave labor. The benefits were good, but every day I saw the same people. Then after a few weeks, I saw the same people wearing braces on their arms or legs etc. Everyone worked injured. You simply could not get enough time off from Amazon to properly heal. Working at Amazon is highly repetitive. You are repeating the same movements for 10 to 12 hours a shift.

I will try and run some ads for graphic design. Maybe I can land a few projects here and there. I am not to optimistic about my work future in the creative field. I will give it another try though.